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Re: Old Vellum

Paul Werner and Richard Minsky are closer to the mark on this

Some years ago the North American market began to be flooded with
old English legal documents written out on vellum because the
British Government finally acted on complaints from law firms
who were forced to maintain warehouses full of these documents

Now, some few thousands of such documents are worth keeping, but
not necessarily by law firms.  But libraries and museums are already
over loaded (see esp. Nicholson Baker's article in the July 24th, 2000
issue of _The New Yorker_ about what the British Library did with their
collection of non-British newspapers).

Three-four years ago a friend of mine purchased the residue of a
collection of 19th c. indentures, etc. from a dealer for $1/ea.


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Thompson Conservation Lab.
Portland, Oregon

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"The lyf so short; the craft so long to lerne"
Chaucer, <The Parlement of Foules> 1386 A.D.

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