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Idaho Books in NYC

Idaho Center for the Book webmaster Rand Simmons informs me images from =
"Reputedly Illiterate:  The Art Books of James Castle" are now available =
for viewing on on the ICB website <http://www.lili.org/icb>.=20

"Reputedly Illiterate" was sponsored by the American Institute of Graphic =
Arts (AIGA) and the Idaho Center for the Book in New York City,  29 March =
- 12 May 2000, and featured 100 books by and artifacts belonging to =
Self-Taught Idaho native artist James Castle.

Castle's work is available in facsimile editions and on video:

Six Hand-Sewn Facsimile Books and "James Castle & the Book"=20
in a {designer} gunnysack (Castle's preferred archival storage unit)
Idaho Center for the Book (1999), $19.95 + $3/s/h
Orders to:  Book Store, 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID  83725
tel. (208) 426-1362; out-of-Idaho (800) 992-8398
e-mail <bkstcopy@boisestate.edu>=20

"Dreamhouse:  The Art & Life of James Castle"
37 minute VHS video documentary
Painted Smiles Press (1999), $19.95 + $3 s/h
POB 6414
Boise, ID  83707

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