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Re: yes, yes, yes

R.Minsky said:

There are a few simple tools I use in making these judgment
calls. I am wondering if any other list members are
interested in this subject and would like to develop a
dialogue about it on the book_arts-l.

I would very much like to hear about "a few simple tools" for discerning
value, quality, merit etc. in choosing artist books for collection purposes
other than "I like it".

One of the things I care about the more I learn about typography, is
choosing appropriate typefaces, not ones that scream out - what a cool
typeface. The same goes for the choice of the structure or binding for the
book. Is it appropriate to the content or does it say look, look at me.
That's great if when you do look at it the inner book is as rich as what
encloses it.

Thanks for bringing the subject up, Richard.

Linda Dare
Otis College of Art & Design
Los Angeles, California

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