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Re: Old Vellum: A retraction--not a chance

Mr. Draper -

I agree with you - one cannot assume, just because it was found at a flea
market in Europe, or The Antiques Garage off Sixth Ave., that a vellum
document is worthless for anything but dismantling and reusing as an
artistic practice piece.

It might actually BE worthless (Mr. Minsky was correct when he pointed out
that Not Everything Old is Valuable).  However, it is a very bad idea to
ASSUME that it is worthless because it isn't aesthetically pleasing.  One
should always check with an expert in the correct field, before determining
a piece of 18th Century vellum contains no pertinent historical information.

Dr. Werner certainly isn't "chopped liver" when it comes to Art History, but
I do wonder whether his Ph.D. in Medieval Art History introduced him to the
interests of Genealogists, Historians or other perusers of 18th and 19th
Century documents.  His statement "I'll always invest in the future over the
past" doesn't seem to be coming from a very archival point of view.

Thank you for your passionate and well written "Retraction - Not a Chance!"

Dolly Blunt
Preservation Officer
Florida State Archives

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