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Re: marine/wildlife photography start-up


You can get a lot of good technical info from Popular
Photography and magazine like it.

However, as someone who has spent many years breathing
stop bath, WHY would you want to purchase darkroom
equipment??   >:0)

Computers and PhotoShop are really worth your
investigating.  Check out the recent Book_Arts-L
discussions on papers and inks for inkjet printers.
The archival life of these products have become more
"acceptable" than even six months ago.

But, if you want a deal on some equipment, I should
probably sell you mine.  You can contact me off list.

Good luck, and go for it!


--- Robert H Tipton <tipfam@JUNO.COM> wrote:
> I have been out of college for 11 years now, and I
> am once again
> interested in photography as a possible career
> option.
> Any suggestions would be very helpful about
> purchasing darkroom equipment
> and cameras, and how photography now ties in with
> computers, if at all. I
> would also appreciate suggestions on lenses needed
> for shooting wildlife,
> as well as equipment needs for underwater
> photography.
> Thanks.
> Jennifer T.

mindy belloff  ~  mabell                                        http://www.IntimaPress.com

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