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Re: Book Art Criticism

Keith Berger writes:
<Maybe we could think about artist books in the same fashion we think of a
<play, opera, ballet or other types of performance art. Does the story appeal
<to us? Is it a new and original piece or a classic story retold in an fresh
<and exciting way? Does it flow and keep our attention from the beginning to
<the end? How was it technically executed? Does it all come together, with
<such an energy that once you finish looking at it you want to stand and
<cheer? That might be a little much....
<but it's a thought.

Ooh, I like that.  My husband is a theatre major, and we do a lot of zany
improv together.  Life is a performance piece, and so too is all art, I
think.  Thank you for a nice approach to an often touchy subject.

Elen Freelander

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