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Re: marine/wildlife photography start-up

However, as someone who has spent many years breathing
>stop bath, WHY would you want to purchase darkroom

If this were a digital listserv, I could easily imagine seeing this
question. But come on, we are book artists--we bind books by hand. I
can't count the number of times people asked me "Why would you make your
own book?" and "You actually bind your books by hand?  Can't you just
send it out to get done?"

Part of the love is in the process. As a practitioner of digital, silver
and alternative processes, I like the power and flexability of digital,
I LOVE the personal, hands-on nature of the other two. I also love to
combine any and all aspects of photography in my artwork--usually
destined to be included in a book.

However, Jennifer, as a former professional studio photographer, I found
that if I was busy and successful, doing my own darkroom work was not
cost effective. I could send out work for much less money than my time
was worth.

I also might suggest a photo listserv or chat room.for information.

Good Luck, I hope everything works out.

John T.

P.S. I use ODORLESS stop bath.

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