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Re: Book Art Criticism

Mindy wrote:
>The head of my department and I argue endlessly
>over the subject of what Book Art is and how to
>define quality in this area.

Although the Book_arts-l page says "Celebrating 5 Years" the
searchable database goes back to the days when Peter was at

I vaguely recalled that I had e-mailed Peter the
introduction I wrote for the catalog of the 1990 "Book Arts
in the USA" exhibit. It has what I believe is a fairly clear
definition of terms, which was directed at the populations
of Africa and South America who had likely seen nothing like
this sort of work (the exhibit was circulated and the
catalog produced by the USIA). The computer I wrote that on
crashed years ago, and the backup disks are 5 1/4" floppies
that I don't have a drive for. Fortunately, Peter had posted
it to Book_Arts-L. It took less than a minute to search the
Book_Arts-L archive and find it.

Subject: BOOK ARTS IN THE USA, By Richard Minsky
From: "Peter David Verheyen" <pdv1@cornell.edu>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 1994 10:56:46 -0400


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