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Re: Trains-of thought

  Am I the only reader on this list feeling like a pedestrian caught
between two speeding trains of thought?  On the one hand, uh, thread, we
have book art, what it is and how it is evaluated, and on the other, old
vellum, what we save, what we discard.  Can we pretend the two are
unrelated?  We create and we save, not for the same reasons.  Still what
of the criterion Richard Minsky gives will enter into the decision to
save? What proportion of the artists' books currently being created will
be saved?  Rarity can hardly enter into the case for books that are
usually one of a kind, or very limited editions.  Once the creative
impulse of the artist has produced a book, what is to stop anyone from
pitching it out--or maybe salvaging its material components--with that
old vellum deed?
  Just thought I'd complicate matters.
    Dorothy A.

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