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Binding Equipment that I might sell

I know I may have asked this question here before, but a gentleman is
interested in buying all my equipment. This is a major step for me because it
means I will no longer be binding books. I want to be fair if I sell the
equipment, but I also realize that I will never be able to replace it again.
Would some of you give me a ball park figure on what these items would be
worth? You don't have to itemize, but a ball park figure on the whole lot
would be very helpful. I am reluctant to sell, but will if the price is
right. Here are the items.
1. 6' tall TW & CD Sheridan Standing press with about 20 brass edged boards.
2. backing press
3. Kensol Hot stamp with automatic foil feed. Model  R-36  (2 chases)
4. John Pleger hot stamp. 3 chases 1 that runs length of base, a shorter one,
& long narrow for stamping along the side of the spine.
5. 5' tall press with about 10 boards.
6. Pot Devlin Glue machine  model zb-27
7. TW & CB Sheridan floor model board cutter. (large one)
8. Southworth electric corner rounder with extra blades model B
9. very nice electric leather skiver with special table and new motor, (2
size rollers)
10. Triumph electric paper cutter aprox 18" cut, floor model
11. Ludlow machine with all attachments, and 5' cabinet with brass and sticks
12. Job backer
13. Smythe Sewing machine.
I don't know if I should sell this in one lot, or try to sell the items
individually. I am not eager to sell, but if the price is right I will.
Please, if someone knows what this is worth all together or separately,
please let me know. I only have till the 15th of Sept. to decide. One person
was kind enough to answer a while back and I had decided not to sell and lost
his input. Any suggestions will help. Thanks. JT

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