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Book Art Criticism

Charles Schermerhorn said:
>I went through this in a required summer-school class on =
>"The Philosophy of Art" in a grad school 33 years ago just to get my MA.

>The students hated it; the instructor hated it; the school insisted on =

It must have been awful! There's nothing worse than a teacher who doesn't love their subject, except one who hates it. I consider myself fortunate to have had many teachers who loved what they taught.

One reason for this is that I had no attachment to anyt particular subject matter. I would look at the roster of teachers and choose courses where the teacher wrote the book.

It was an eclectic education, but never boring. There was always enthusiasm. The Philosophy of Art was the only art course I ever took, and it was because I saw Horace Kallen walking through the hall at the Graduate Center, and he was such a striking figure I asked someone, "Who was that?"

It turned out he had written 37 books on the Philosophy of Art and of Religion, so I signed up that day.

Actually I was in a Ph.D. program in Economics. If I hadn't taken that course and been inspired, I would probably be rich today instead of an artist ;>}

But seriously, folks, I don't think those of us who want to know each other's aesthetic methodologies need to halt our discussion because Charles had a bad class and has nauseating flashbacks when the subject comes up.

Charles-- please just delete any e-mail that has Book Art Criticsm in the Subject line. BTW, I like the quote also, but haven't decided yet how dead "too-dead" is, or how to distinguish it from "just dead enough."
        :>| (dead-pan)


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