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Granted everyone is entitled to her/his opinions, and
free speech is a guaranteed privilege under our Constitution,
but let us always consider the Other in our conversations, for
whether or not we intend to harm, sometimes words do more
harm than intended.

Of course, I didn't read Plato until in was in my 20's ( and late
20's at that) does that make me any less of a human being?
And the fact that I earned my first and only degree at the age
of 37 does that detract from my desire to know, or my authenticity
in pursuing the truth?

Humility would go a long way in the discussion raging over the
inappropriate words of a Ph.D., but as I learnt in my undergraduate
experience not all Ph.D.'s are nice people.  I for one am willing
to give someone the benefit of the doubt, but, to quote an old
John Lennon lyric "if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao,
you can count me out"  But you see, its gonna be alright, it really
will be alright if we just let it be.


All I want to do in this world is to study something that would lead me
to be a bookbinder and conservator, is that too much to ask?  And
yet I have been impotent in my efforts to secure a mentor/teacher.
The character of Adele from the recent French film "La fille sur le pont"
("Girl on the Bridge") sums it up best when she laments the path
her life has taken, its as if luck and the lack of it follow us ad
when clearly it is I who makes my own future.  But Others must be
willing to give you a chance.   And that's all I ask, for a chance to be
what I most would like to be, is that so terrible a thing to hope for?

My two-cents, for what they're worth.

Baltimore, MD

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