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Re: Book Art Criticism: New Thoughts

Richard, it is a pleasure to have to Think while reading on this list. I
want to add to your questions with a few more/perhaps overlapping: Are we
discussing also who is considering it to be art (this list-serv, the
museum audience, the NY Times, the art historians, the Artist)?

Modern art has been very much influenced by Duchamp, in that the artist's
intent, and the Idea behind the creating (even if the creating is of an
Idea/Concept) are central. In my opinion, unless we're talking about
people who are dead (and the Museum's opinion of something as art), the
intent of the bookmaker is crucial. So in that case, the man you described
as saying he didn't even care about the book he binded would not have
created art, in my opinion. Art has an integrity beyond that lack of care.

Eun Ha

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