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Re: Shalom/Salaam/Pace/Pax/Peace

Dear RJ:

Lovely note. Of course, having a PhD doesn't make you a better person.
Sometimes the reverse. You get to meet all kinds in NY, from convicted
rapists with high I.Q.s, to my kids with studs - whom I dearly love, by
the way.

My barbs were aimed at a certain type of personality, best described as a
mix of Alastair Cooke and William F. Buckley, hence the contemptuous
reference to a certain PBS show.

And, by the way, did I also mention that I'm a high-school dropout? Now if
only I'd taken up auto mechanics as I was urged to do, I would have been
better able to lecture on "The Art of the Motorcycle" at the Guggenheim...

Be well.

Paul Werner, New York City

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