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book arts criticism?

Dear Book_Arts-L,

I've been trying to think about how I actually feel about this subject.  How
do I make choices regarding the "structure of the visual book"?  I do think
there is something about book art that is different  from art-as-object.
Whether it is text-based or not, a book has some kind of narrative flow,
some kind of story to tell that happens sequentially (though the kind of
sequencing may vary).  That's what makes it a book.

I think there is a valid question to be asked which is:  does the design of
the binding contribute in some way to that narrative flow?  Does it tell
part of the story?  Does it make the story easier to tell?  Does it set a
context that enhances a narrative? (whether it is the author's idea of that
tale, or the artist's....)

Is the binding "beautiful" or does it add any ideas to the whole? Does it
need to be/do both?

a few more thoughts,
S. Denker

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