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1 + 1 = 2 ?

Howdy all!

I'm working on a binding of a letterpress printed single gathering, language is
17th-century Flemish. I'd like your opinion(s) as to the following:

One of my ideas is to increase the number of gatherings to a grand total of two (!)
by adding an English translation of the texts for binding after the original
gathering. The primary reason would be for greater ease in rounding & backing the
book; secondary reason would be to have the English with the Flemish. (I am aware of
some other technical solutions available for accomplishing this increase in swell and
have not ruled out using them.)

This is my personal copy so I know that I can, ultimately, do anything I want with
it, but would like to know how any of you feel -- say if it were *your* printing of
these texts -- how would you feel about this kind of addition?

Thank you for your time. --Dave.

David J. Lawrence
Dallas, Texas
Unlike a skiving knife, Ockham's Razor is a two-edged blade.

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