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Re: What is Art -- And a Lengthy Explanation of Why You Don't Want to Know

Although much longer than I cared to read, I found this interesting for its
slide into the realm of speculative fiction. Lest that be taken as any kind
of insult, let me clarify that I very much enjoy speculative fiction for its
ability to insist that I enter into one or more different ways of looking at
what seems obvious and familiar, so that it becomes reinterpreted and
strange. Like that insistance on parallel points of view creating radically
different worlds, the idea, especially, that art exists simultaneously (or
not, also simultaneously) from infinate perspectives in infinate times from
the point of its creation, was intellectually amusing.

On the other hand, I have no difficulty attributing intent to my work, either
before or after the fact. Since I consider my creation both as part of myself
and as separate from myself, that is neither a stretch nor a contradiction.
Similarly, and unlike Picasso (who, we all know, was a control freak of the
first order), I am intrigued by the possibility that my work is like a
woman's purse and that viewers of it can construct their own faces and
personalities on its surface. As to the marketplace, all I can say is that it
is much more gratifying to the artist (me!) to sell than not to sell. Very
amusing discussion so far. Barbara Harman

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