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Re: What is art - judging work

The academic in me cannot resist replying to this thread (it also halps me
avoid planning tomorrow's 8:00 lecture to 200 new freshmen/women).

As human beings we are always judging.  We judge other people's driving,
the quality of service in a restaurant, other individuals for purposes of
friendship or more, etc.  Indeed judgment and decision making is an entire
field of psychology.  Herbert Simon, a psychologist, won the Nobel prize
in economics for his work in this area.

The issue of concern her involves not only objective factors but includes
subjective issues that more it into the context of personality and social
psychology.  For example, Robert Hogan, a personality theorist, has
proposed that we are always acting out roles in order to manage
interpersonal situations so that others will judge us in desired ways.

Unfortunately, in terms of the issue at hand, this can often lead to
placing the impression above the quality of work.  For example, those who
make work that will sell (and even allow survival) vs. those who make work
to be true to their selves (or the self as they wish it to be
perceived) and starve.

If you are confused by the above, join the club.  Indeed, such issues are
part of what make life fun.

Ray *

On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, Peter D. Verheyen wrote:

> It can be intimidating, and generally is for anyone involved, judges as
> well as entrants. I've been involved with organizing/jurying shows and
> participating. I've had people cry when their work didn't get in, and been
> upset when mine was rejected. It's a part of life. It is also very
> necessary.

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