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Re: Judging Work

Peter Verheyen said:

>Quality/uniqueness of materials (letterpress / illustration
>technique...vs. rebound paperback)

The following are rebound paperbacks:
Babel: http://minsky.com/5.htm
The Crisis of Democracy: http://minsky.com/crisis.htm

Many of the books I've done are rebound trade books (basically paperbacks
with crappy hard covers glued on). To me, an important role of the
bookbinder as artist is to iconify significant texts which are available but
neglected or rejected by society, such as these that I found on the $1 table
outside the Pageant Book Shop:
The Geography of Hunger: http://minsky.com/hunger.htm
The Biological Time Bomb: http://minsky.com/biobomb.htm

or which are inherently totemic, like:
Reliquary for the Ashes of Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses:


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