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LAR Wedding Issue: Call for Submissions

Wedding Issue

In the summer of 2001, an issue of Letter Arts Review will showcase the work
done by calligraphers and lettering artist for weddings including:
invitations, announcements and other calligraphy such as place cards,
envelopes, menus for the ceremony and for receptions and other functions
associated with a wedding. Invitations, announcements and greeting cards for
wedding anniversary celebrations will also be included. Both innovative and
traditional, fun and formal presentations will be included. Combinations of
calligraphy/lettering/penwork and type will be included.

Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2000

What to submit:
For the selection process send a sample of the actual item(s) if possible.
That is, send a sample of the invitation, envelope, place card, etc. If a
sample is not available to send, send what you can that will help in the
selection process such as: slides or transparencies or laser print from
computer file along with the file on disk or carefully made Xerox copy (We
will not print from a Xerox. Send a good Xerox only if you have ready access
to a sample or repro art.)

Limit of three entries per person. A coordinated wedding ensemble of
envelope, invitation, reply card, place cards, etc counts as one entry.
Receipt of your submission will be acknowledged by e-mail or post card. If
you need your materials returned, include self-addressed envelope with
sufficient postage for return.

If your item(s) is included in the Letter Arts Review Wedding Issue, a
complimentary copy will be sent to you.

Please provide the following information for each entry:
Entry Title: (such as Hanson Wedding Invitation), Your Name, Address, Phone,
Fax, & e-mail. Tools, materials used to produce the lettering. Paper and
other materials used in the printing/production of the finished piece. Any
comments on the project.

Please send only items relating to weddings. Please send only items with
calligraphy, hand lettering, penwork. Combinations of hand lettering and type
are acceptable.

Send submissions to:
Karyn Gilman, Editor,
Wedding Issue
Letter Arts Review,
1302 Greenbriar Drive,
Norman, OK 73072.
email: lar@wavelinx.net

Single copies of the Letter Arts Review WEDDING ISSUE will be available at a
prepublication price of $16.50. This price includes shipping and handling in
the USA. (Canada add $1.00, Others add $5.00). Payment by check (please post
date to May 1, 2000) or charge card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover). You will
not be charged or your check cashed until the issue is about to be mailed.

Letter Arts Review is the international journal serving the calligraphic and
lettering arts community with informative articles, considered commentary and
outstanding reproductions. Each issue seeks to inform, inspire and invigorate
- whether the work you seek is contemporary, historical, experimental or
traditional, commercial or fine-arts oriented, legible or non-legible, verbal
or non-verbal. Edited by Karyn Gilman, it is published now by John Neal,

Letter Arts Review
Subscription Prices: USA    Canada           Others
1 year (four issues)    $42      $45 USD        $62 USD
2 years (eight issues) $75      $81 USD       $107USD
Payment is in US funds. Check, Money order, Mastercard, Visa, Discover
There is a 10% discount for students, but the class must send in the
subscriptions in a group. We can send a packet of info to your teacher with
all the details about the offer.

Single copies of the current Letter Arts Review Annual Issue (Vol 15 No 3)
are availabe for $16.50 (includes postage in the USA ). Canada add $1.00 per
issue. Others add $5.00 per issue

John Neal
Letter Arts Review
John Neal, Bookseller
Tabellae Ansata
PO Box 9986
Greensboro, NC 27429
fax 336-272-9015
email: info@JohnNealBooks.com

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