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Re: What is art?

Donald Pollock said:
>(Note to Richard Minsky: Your anecdote was nice. The
>fact that Buzz did it 20 years earlier was apparently
>a negative comment,

Yes, but not about the art. The question was merely an attempt to figure out
what the curator was talking about-- Buzz's work provides a reference point
for a genre. The negative part was that the curator did not know the "book
art history" of the work he was talking about. In the absence of the work or
a photo, I would have liked to hear how the work was an hommage or differed
from this or that. I agree with Ruskin. That's why some of the best and most
innovative book art is made by artists who are conservators and restorers
(Hedi Kyle, Nora Ligorano, Gary Frost, Pam Spitzmueller, Barbara Mauriello,...).

It was a good ramble-- ramble on.


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