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Series of Books finished

    I am enjoying the discussion thus far. I am attempting to verbalize
my criteria when collecting other artist's books. Often I am moved to
acquire by a emotional connection to the book's form and content. The
books I am most interested in reflect the content of the book in the
form of the book, Ed Hutchins' book "Twisted", Julie Chen's tunnel book
"Life Time" and Susan King's book "Treading The Maze" are examples that
come to mind.
    I have posted images of all 5 of the series of moveable/sculptural
books I have recently finished on my website:

    The flexagon on the far right in the first image on the gallery page
is from the Iowa series, the rest are shown in individual images.
    In regard to our ongoing discussion, if anyone would care to comment
about my books I would be interested to hear.
    Emily Martin

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