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What is art? "Hey you, hang up and drive."

The sheriff was sitting in the barber's chair one day when he saw a kid
walking by with a string of fish.

"Where the hell do you s'pose he got them fish," asked the sheriff.

"I don't know," answered the barber.  "There ain't been any fish in the lake
in a year."

"Well, I'm gonna find out," said the sheriff and went after the boy.

"Hey, kid, where'd you get them fish?"

"Out'n the lake," he said.

"Don't lie to me, Boy!  There ain't any fish in that lake and haven't been
for a year!"

"Suit yerself, Sheriff," the kid replied, "but I'm goin' out again tomorrow
if ya want to come along!"

Bright an early the sheriff joined the kid at his boat and they headed out
into the lake.

"Okay," said the sheriff.  "Let's see how you catch them fish."

The kid reached in his tackle box, took out a stick of dynamite, lit it and
tossed it into the water.  The blast brought a bunch of fish floating to the
surface and the kid easily brought them into the boat.

The sheriff exploded, "Dammit, kid!  That's agin' the law!  I could haul you
in for that."

The kid pulled out another stick, lit it and tossed it to the sheriff.

"Now, Sheriff, you gonna talk or you gonna fish?"

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