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Re: Criticism/ Rejection: Some Thoughts

On Tue, 5 Sep 2000, Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord wrote:

>      Since then I have reveled in the joy of making while applying my
> own very simple standards of criticism. I have a small output partly
> because of the limited amount of time I spend on my own work and partly
> because I recycle or destroy work that doesn=92t make the grade.=20

COMMENT:  Your approach requires great self-confidence and an ability to
curate your own work.  Do you ever use others to critique work that you
are thinking of recycling/destroying.  Quite often I find work that I feel
is less meaningful is seen much more positively by others whose judgment I
respect.  Additionally, I often go ahead with ideas that others pan
because I think they have meaning for me and, later on, my critiquers
often admire the results.  And, I use individuals who are hard to please,
they aren't glad-handers. =20

> In publishing the reasons for rejection are myriad and the perceived
> salability of the book, or lack thereof, is the key.

COMMENT:  I could not agree more.  This ties in with Richard Minsky's
reply to my comment about art and money.


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