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2001: A Space-Dyed Odyssey

2001: A SPACE-DYED ODYSSEY" A one-of-a-kind bookart/fiber meld calendar
with handwoven, hand-dyed samples, popups,  plus a fun story/spoof.

This year, our Fibernuts, (four Northern California  book &/or fiber
artists)  have gone beyond "spaced-out"! Not only are the majority of the
samples handwoven,they are all hand-dyed in various techniques befitting
the theme. You will find shibori, marbling, ikat, and warp painting just to
name a few.  And, to tempt you even further, several of these will be
presented in unique pop-up forms.

Our calendars began as the typical swatch on a page with some text and
graphics, but over the years they have evolved into something of a work of
art. Every year they get more complicated and time-consuming (but lots of
fun as creative ventures force us to stretch ourselves to try new things).
They are not professionally printed or bound so they still retain that
"hand-crafted" look and they are definitely  "clever". 2001 marks our sixth

If you would like ordering information, receive a flyer, or be put on
our mailing list for next years edition, email me privately.

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