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Re: Criticism/ Rejection: Some Thoughts

>   COMMENT:  Your approach requires great self-confidence and an ability to
>   curate your own work.  Do you ever use others to critique work that you
>   are thinking of recycling/destroying.  Quite often I find work that I feel
>   is less meaningful is seen much more positively by others whose judgment I
>   respect.  Additionally, I often go ahead with ideas that others pan
>   because I think they have meaning for me and, later on, my critiquers
>   often admire the results.  And, I use individuals who are hard to please,
>   they aren't glad-handers. =20

In this same vein, how many folks rely on various canons (of proportion,
color, harmony, nobility, etc.) when they make their artwork? Do you rely a
lot on the canons or precepts? Or just a little? As you are working on the
piece, do you reach a point of difficulty or decision and turn to the
canons/formulae/princples/tenets for guidance or resolution of the difficulty?

If you do place a great reliance on canons, do you believe criticisms that
point out the work's shortcomings in canonical form are more crucial and
essential? If you place little reliance on canons, do you disregard such
formal or canonical observations?

I would say that suffering the critiques and criticisms of others is little
more than submitting to the criteria of canons and formulae. And rejection is
tantamount to the conclusion that the works don't meet such and such a
criterion. (Of course, I recognize the usefulness and fitness of listening to
someone say to me, not that such and such is good or bad, but that such and
such produces a certain reaction or response in the him or her.

Michael Brady
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