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Re: Criticism/ Rejection: Some Thoughts

Raymond Starr
    A response to your comment-
COMMENT:  Your approach requires great self-confidence and an ability to

curate your own work.  Do you ever use others to critique work that you
are thinking of recycling/destroying.  Quite often I find work that I
is less meaningful is seen much more positively by others whose judgment
respect.  Additionally, I often go ahead with ideas that others pan
because I think they have meaning for me and, later on, my critiquers
often admire the results.  And, I use individuals who are hard to
they aren't glad-handers.

    I guess I view my work as my art and the standards I apply are
specific to it. It may be fine work to someone else but if it doesn't
meet my feeling of "just right" which I think applies to its trueness to
me as well as that sense of wholeness, I really don't want it.

  The conversation led me back to The Shape of Content by Ben Shahn.
Here's a passage about the artist as what he calls inward critic.

"I have never met a literary critic of painting who, whatever his
sentiments toward the artist, would actually destroy an existing
painting. He would regard such an act as vandalism and would never
consider it. But the critic within the artist is a ruthless destroyer.
He continually rejects the contradictory elements within a painting, the
colors that do not act upon other colors and would thus constitute dead
places within his work; he rejects insufficient drawing; he rejects
forms and colors incompatible with the intention or mood of the piece;
he rejects intention itself and mood itself often as banal or
derivative. He mightily applauds the good piece of work; he cheers the
successful passage; but then if the painting does not come up to his
standards he casts aside everything and obliterates the whole."

in good spirit

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Newburyport, MA


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