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Re: Criticism/ Rejection: Some Thoughts


I have been on this list for some time, but this is my first post. This
thread has me interested because it is a subject I have been involved
with for many years. I have jumped in here because of what Carol wrote:

"Some never rise above artisanry, while others succeed in achieving some

work with a quality beyond "artisanship"."

This hit a nerve and I would like to reply. There is no quality beyond
artisanship. Without "craft" or "artisanship" there is no quality. Where
is the point where craft ends and art begins? Where is the line drawn
that borders "artisanship" and something "beyond"? The simple truth (I
believe) is that craftmanship, artisanship, and quality art are all the
same thing and are not isolated independant qualities that can have
value judgements made without the other areas being considered.

The notion that art is something beyond skill is an illusion and one
that is championed by the unskilled to promote the mediocre. At one time
the applied arts and the fine arts were known as the plastic arts whose
content is (or was, for I fear we are losing the battle to retain skill
as vital ingredient of art) substantially dependent on practical skill,
and whose intention (purpose of being) is discovered through the process
of making the object. The knowledge and experience, the skills that make
up the creative mind and the creative artist must be demonstrated
(expressed in physical form) since it will not easily, if at all, be
adequately conveyed through what can be said or written about it.

When examining the creative process I think it is important to recognize
that process and content are interdependent; and that craft knowledge
and artisanship itself enriches individual experience and becomes a part
of the self that is expressed in art or studio craft. The knowledge
required to make something work is not the same knowledge as
understanding the principle behind it.

Also it is necessary to understand how the human mind works. The mind
works as a self organising system that needs stored "information" before
it can "think." Therefore the quality of what comes out is dependent on
what goes in.

This is a great thread and one that is particularly interesting to me,
and I would hope, interesting for all people involved with creative

Take care,

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