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Re: Rebinding with original mill boards.

A question to the group from the Olympic city:

We are currently "period" rebinding a late C18th book for our customer,
in new kangaroo leather.

The old calf came off the boards with relative ease.  The mill boards
beneath have cleaned up well, and are in sufficiently reasonable
condition to use again.  We usually try to use the original boards,
where possible, and particularly so with this book, because the book
block is very unsquare.   In addition, the slightly soft corners of the
old boards will make it easier to "age" the corners once covered.

Now, it so happens, as is often the case, that these boards have been
cut with a short grain, i.e., the grain is at right angles to the spine.
When the book came to us, there was no sign of the boards warping.  They
were firm and straight.

Would the learned members of the Group like to suggest whether, using
modern adhesives and materials on these old boards, will cause the
boards to warp horizontally, once covered, in this instance, with the
leather?   Or would it be more prudent to cut new ones now?

Thank you for your suggestions.

Peter Krantz.
Book Restorations.

Established 1976

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