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Slides, Video, Printed Matter

Roberta Lavadour said:

>I'm curious how this relates to trying to juring books
>(or any artwork) for an exhibition from slides. Is the
>trend toward jurying books more from actual work, as they
>do at Northwest Bookfest? Also, how often are written
>statements by the artist used?

Slides are a real problem, as is real work. The Center for Book Arts
used to require artist member applicants to submit 5 slides and 3 actual
works for review. That became too difficult, as many of the applicants
who were far away had valuable work that required expensive packing,
shipping and insurance. So now it's just slides. AEasier, but you can't
feel, smell, weigh the work, turn the pages, manipulate the form.

I try to include srtist staements and photos when possible. The Book
Arts in the USA catalog had photos of the work and the artist and a
statement, in Enlish and French, with Portugese or Spanish inserts when
exhibited in couontries with those languages. The video that accompanied
the sho was in English and dubbed French (2-channels), and was displayed
at every venue. On the video I manipulate each book, and talk about why
it's important in the show, and what the artist is doing. The video is,
I believe, still available from CBA. In English only.

About Printed Matter: it's a wonderful place, but the subject there is
Artists' Books, not Book Art. That's why structure, form, materials,
etc. are not so much a part of the work. It's about the content. So it's
not about NW vs NE. It's just about that bookstore.


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