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Re: Erotic Art

At 12:08 PM 9/6/2000 -0700, Very Graphics wrote:
> >>> Take a look at http://minsky.com/mib.htm

Just as an aside, I've always adored that site -- or rather that book, of
course -- that you did, Richard. :)

>        A rather narrow answer to a question too broad,
>         don't you think? *s* More to the point: Minsky's
>         is the only response so far. Strange, that.

Strange indeed. And I thought a great many of you here had a thing for
leather -- or is it just Peter? ;)

Anyway, if it's erotic *book* arts that... um... somebody wanted, I can't
help out, but I've got a couple of pieces up on my Digital Art page...


...that I suppose might fall under that category. And some others that I
suppose might fall better under something like "sensual art" or something.
And others that are just, well, "psychedelic art".

But if it's erotic literature you wanted, well, hop on over to my "Letter"


...more specifically "Part Three".

Hope that, um, helps.

Ron :)

Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. --Pablo Picasso

Allow me to introduce my selves... http://www.psymon.com
Digital art, dreams & fantasies... http://www.psymon.com/art/

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