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Artists Books/Book Art and Erotica

>From an off-list message:

>Re: book arts - artist's books

>Just for my own information, what criteria do you use to
>differentiate the two and can they be lumped together in
>a discussion like this or would it be better to keep them separate?

Artists' Books is a field within Book Art--a subset. I keep them
separate because Artists' Books are to me in the realm of Visual
Literature. As such, the balance of material, image and metaphor is not
the analytical tool I would use. In Book Art I look for "Museum Finish"
as described in an earlier posting. In Artists' Books I look for content
and meaning, for a sequence of visual spaces that creates a whole beyond
its parts, for a new way of seeing that is built on multiple images
and/or image/texts.

For more on how I define the different categories within Book Art, see:

On another note:

I looked at Ron Koster's site, with the engaging (I'm not sure whether
to call it Pre-Raphaelite or Victorian) love poem at
and with the graphic imagery on the art part. It's a very Book Art
site-- I love the book page feeling and the thumb-tabs on the side of
the book for navigation.

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