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Re: Criticism/ Rejection: Some Thoughts


>The simple truth (I believe) is that craftmanship, artisanship, and
art are >all the same thing

This was me speaking, and Roberta replied with;

I would have to say that in our part of the world (very rural Eastern
Oregon, in a town known best for a big rodeo...) there are plenty of
technically proficient painters/sculptors who make some of the most
work I've ever seen. (Although the mass market gobbles it up - Thomas
Kincade posters in every room).

Now me again;
Then all I can say is that the "technically proficient" you have seen is
not that proficient after all. If it is boring then it is lacking one of
the most important skills an artist can display. What you call
craftmanship is not what I call craftsmanship. Craftmanship does not
exclude spirit, it does not exclude the soul, it does not simply mean


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