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Re: Criticism/ Rejection: Some Thoughts

Emily, Roberta,

The work is not large enough on my small monitor to really see well.  As you
say, it needs to be seen first hand.  Richard's seemed pretty small, as well.
It's worth looking at, but not for "criticism", because it's too distant, I
think.  This may be why there has not been a whole lot of comment.

Carol P.
Eugene, OR

RLavadour wrote:

> >    In regard to our ongoing discussion, if anyone would care to comment
> >about my books I would be interested to hear.
> >    Emily Martin
> Emily was brave enough to offer her work up for some practical application
> of the ideas brought forth in the "criticism" thread and I was a little
> surprised that there wasn't one comment. Then I realized that it was only
> possible for me to offer an opinion because I've been able to see her work
> first hand and was able to physically engage with it. A difference from the
> type of binding Richard does, which seems to translate well in a photograph.
> (Although I suspect I'd realize how much doesn't translate if I could see a
> piece in person...)

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