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Re: drop-spine box

Hmmm... Given the desire to create a distinction, I would expect a
clam-shell box to have (like a real clamshell) just a single hinge, so when
it is open, the spine continues to form one side of the box, and the cover
is held up off the table by its being hinged to the spine. Sort of like a
cigar box. Another possibility would be for the hinge to be right in the
middle of a split spine, in which case the open box would have the cover and
box flat on the table, with the spine folded back over itself in between.
On the other hand, I would expect a drop-spine box to have hinges on both
sides of the spine, so that, when open, the box, spine, and cover all lay
flat on the table side-by-side, like the (unattached) case for a casebound
-Kevin Martin
 the Papertrail

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