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Re: Multicultural Books to Make and Share


I really appreciate receiving all of your updates! Thanks for keeping me in
the loop!

BTW, I think I may have mentioned that my daughter is teaching middle school
(6th grade social studies, language arts, and Spanish this year) in
"downtown" Orlando, and also working on her master's thesis which includes
integrating the arts into the regular curriculum as well as integrating
regular curriculum topics with one another.  Multicultural education is part
of the studies for this year as well--they'll be making up their own
cultures!  So, your notice about your book is both timely and sad.  I did
pass along the notice to my daughter, as well, though.  (Drat...timing is
everything, I guess.)  If you have any suggestions to pass on to her, please
let me know...I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Best wishes.  I certainly hope that your discussions with Dover go well.


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