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Book Arts in the USA

In response to the suggestions on the criticism thread about the difficulty
of seeing small images and the need for artists' statements, I have started
putting the Book Arts in the USA catalog on line.

It's a volunteer effort right now, which took 2 days to get just the basic
form up and only four artists' work. I will eventually be linking to all the
works mentioned in the introduction (English version). There is a popup
window with a list of the artists (clickable) which will grow as I find time
to get them all up.

It may be slow to load, because I put up fairly large images and also
scanned the text directly from the catalog. I feel this is a useful thing to
do, because the catalog is not available. There is a color photo of the
work, a photo of the artist (small, b&w), and the artist's statement. You
can go through the catalog in English or French, and on each artist's page
you can switch languages for the artist's statement.

I tried the site only in Windows 98 with Netscape 4.6 and MSIE 5.5. I have
not back-tested it for compatibility, nor chaecked it on MAC or AOL
platforms. I would appreciate any comments and suggestions about the design,
or problems that occur on any platform.

It's accessible from the CBA home page by clicking on "WHat is Book Art?"

you can go directly to the Book Arts in the USA home page:

Or go directly to the French version of the introduction:
Les Arts du Livre Aux Etats-Unis:


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