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Love, Passion, Eros/Erotica... and Books

At 05:37 PM 9/6/2000 -0400, Richard Minsky wrote:
>I looked at Ron Koster's site, with the engaging (I'm not sure whether
>to call it Pre-Raphaelite or Victorian)

Mid-'90s, actually (1990s, that is). ;)

>love poem at
>and with the graphic imagery on the art part. It's a very Book Art
>site-- I love the book page feeling and the thumb-tabs on the side of
>the book for navigation.

Thanks, Richard. I've been meaning to reply all week, actually -- in fact,=
I had hoped to reply the very next day (if only to say "Thanks,=20
Richard"<g>), but I was rushing to finish up a little something to share=20
with you, and you all, in response (in part). I didn't get it finished the=
next day, though! Or the next... or the next... but I finally finished it=20
up last night, and got it up onto my site today.

I think Rezan Peya G=F6k=E7en said it better than I ever could, though, if=
by way of explanation for what it is that I created over this past week,=20
and why. In quoting Shakespeare's lines from Romeo & Juliet regarding...

>This precious book of love

...she further went on to expound that...

>This metaphor by the greatest Poet confirms the idea that beautiful
>books, in other words ART, come into existence if we are moved by love.
>Plus, love makes us all walk around at least 10 centimetres above

...and I couldn't have put it any better myself as to what has surely been=
the inspirations of one of my happiest creations: my "A Letter To An=20
Imaginary Friend" site (which I pointed out the other day). The feelings of=
Love, Passion, Eros/Erotica were certainly the impetus for the creation of=
that site, the source behind the words themselves, but the format for their=
presentation arose from another thing that I have long loved and felt very=
passionate about -- book arts, and typography, with a rather special=20
affection for their roots in early print. And having long loved and felt=20
passionate about those things, too, in this last week I transformed my=20
"Letter" site into a celebration of this earlier form/format of the book,=20
and so, for your viewing pleasure -- and *maybe* reading pleasure, too (if=
you don't find those long esses, etc. too frustrating or annoying<g>) -- I=
do herewith present you all with my own little ode to, and celebration of,=
The Book (or perhaps I should say "The Booke"). ;)

Here ya go...


Ron :)

Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth. --Pablo Picasso

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