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Re: Book Art on line

  Dear Melinda-E-mail to your address has been returned as user unknown so I
am posting this reply to the list- with my apolgies to all.

I read your post to the book arts list for on-line books
for your students to view. I can't help  you there, but the International
Society of Copier Artists produces a box of artists books as the June issue
of the ISCA Quarterly. We usually have guest student contributors from Cooper
Union and the Pratt Institute, as well as the University of Windsor in
Ontario- along with our contributing artist membvers work. While not on line,
I would be happy to send you the June 2000 box of bookworks to share with
your classes. Also, if you think there are students who would like to
contribute to the June 20001 book issue, or one of the spiral bound
xerographic print isssues (ST, DC, and AP) do let me know. There are 36 small
bookworks in the June 2000 box which explore a number of non-traditional book
forms. You might like to visit our homepage for more information about the
Society < http://members.aol.com/isca4art2b/I.S.C.A.HomePage.html>. We are
also in the process of putting together a very interesting traveling
exhibition of xerographic artists books.

Regars, Louise Neaderland, Director ISCA

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