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Re: speed-aging of gold tooling

In the USA we use the tern "Aqua Regia" for that combination, and I
certainly wouldn't use it on your tooling!

I have often had to deal with this, andwhat I find works best is paint.
A thin wash over the gold works beautifully, and you can use any kind of
paint you like (as long as it sticks). At different times I have used
Dr. Martin's, gouache, watercolor, and acrylic. I imagine oils would do
fine also, and you can make a nice glaze medium from any of the
traditional formulas or buy it in the store. If you need to dull it, a
little turpentine in the oil paint should be adequate.

Just be sure that you use a medium contrary to your glaire: If you use
an egg white and vinegar glaire, I would suggest oil paint. If you use a
varnish based glaire I'd suggest acrylic or some other water base.

With a few tests on a sample you can usually match the original gold
exactly. Of course, you are going in the right direction-- it's a lot
easier to make it duller and darker than brighter and shinier!


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