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Re: Speed-aging of gold tooling


Our experience with aging gold tooling has been with  spirit-based brown
dyes.  The problem, however,  is usually with the dye matter actually
taking to the gold. This may be overcome by firstly brushing the bright
gold areas with a glaire, or what we have used, shellac varnish in
methylated spirits (denatured alcohol).

Sometimes, the shellac solution may do the job - it depends on the
extent of the aging.

Middleton has quite a few references in his Restoration of Leather
Bindings, under "tooling" in the index.

I also recall doing a wash of the whole spine with a solvent based gel
of Klucel-G, with a little dye dissolved.  This means one operation, as
against two as above.  It worked very well, from memory - and looking
through our photographic album of jobs completed, looked convincing.
This really only works well on very dark leather - anything lighter, and
the dye effect on the leather will be noticeable.

Hope this helps.

Peter Krantz.
Book Restorations.

Established 1976

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