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Re: Used Equipment

--- Kevin Thomas <kevinthomas33@YAHOO.COM> wrote:
I once ran across a web site that functioned as a
exchange or classified ads for used binding equipment.
I want to say that it was called something like Red
Eye? Does anyone know if this web site still exists
and what the web address is?
--- end of quote ---

This comes from the Guild of Book Worker's Midwest Newsetter, "Quarto" (11-1,
Winter 1998).  For more information or other issues of Quarto online, visit:


"Bookbinder's Toolbox (http://www.redmark.co.nz/tool.htm) People all around the
world can post notes here about buying and selling used bookbinding tools and
equipment. There is a space on the "submit" form where one should put in their
country, so folks know where the "for sale" or "wanted" item physically is."

The site is still up and running as of about 10 seconds ago...


 Eric Alstrom         Hanover, NH
 Guild of Book Workers WebBinder

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