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Re: Criticism/ Rejection: Some Thoughts

Hi Terrance,

I'm sorry to be so late responding to the note you sent to me off-list on Sept.
6.  You aren't the only one who sent a note to me in agreement with the "need"
to do art and to create.  It's more, I think, than just finding a comfortable
niche.  Thanks for your thought--it's validating.

Carol P.
Eugene, OR

Terrance D Young wrote:

> It wasn't muddled to me Carol P.,
> That's exactly where I come from, my soul.  Now at age 52 I have been an
> artist my whole life, I've come to understand that the work I do is my life.
>   My life is my soul and I've learned to listen to it.  I've learned to let
> it suffer for me, so that rejection doesn't even faze me anymore.
> If I am happy enough to present whatever I do to the world, via my own
> gallery then there is no rejection for me, other than my own.
> Terrance Young

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