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> ... honor the memory of one of San Francisco's legendary printers
>and scholars, Adrian Wilson, and welcome our new Vandercook 219, once a
>fixture at Adrian's Press in Tuscany Alley ... complimentary keepsake ...

This is a wonderful tribute, and were I not 2000 miles away, I might invite

I write because an artist friend of mine, Thomas Joseph, knew Adrian well
and apparently spent a good deal of friendly time in his backyard.
Recently, when Thomas was at my typographic studio, he spotted Wilson's The
Design of Books lying open and became all-enthusiastic telling about his
San Francisco days and friendship with Adrian.

Would it be too much to ask if, should there be keepsakes left over, I
could receive one to give to Thomas?


Dan Franklin
Village Typographers, Inc.
Belleville, Illinois
Libertas liberque

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