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Re: Cutting Surface

Some years ago, we decided to be magnanimous about this problem.  One's
bench cutting surface is extremely important.  A clean, uncut,
uncluttered  surface helps keep the mind clear.  And in this game, one
needs all the help one can get!

When one pays good money for a decent-sized self-healing mat, there will
be the temptation to keep it long after its due date, and the
consequences of suffering a grubby, cut surface when one shouldn't have

We use large ordinary grey box board of decent thickness.  We use 2.4mm,
or one eighth of an inch.  When it gets too many cuts in it, or becomes
grubby, we flip it over.  When that face is used up, we replace it with
a clean board.  Every few weeks, I suppose, perhaps once a month.

With the old board, we either discard it, or, cut the sheet into
quarters, glue the pieces together, press it for a week, guillotine it
into a clean rectangle and use it somewhere in the workshop.  Voila,
there you have a half inch board, about 18" x 15".  The board serves you
well, and is given another life as a reward.

The linoleum mats sound a good idea....might look into that one.  Wonder
how they take to the knife?

Peter Krantz.
Book Restorations.

Established 1976

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