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Bookbinding demonstration & workshop with Bill Minter

At the end of this month (September 2000) the Craft Guild of Dallas will be hosting
Bill Minter for three days of workshops in the Bookbinding Department.

There are still a few places open for each of these events. If you would like to
participate please call the Guild at your earliest convenience (972.490.0303; fax
972.490.0304; <craftguild@juno.com>). The Craft Guild of Dallas accepts payment by
check, credit card, and cash.

Here are the details:

Using it to Pare Leather

00-679 Fri, Sept 22, 7:00 - 8:30 P
Tuition: $15/$20 (1 day)
The spoke shave is widely used by English bookbinders and its cost is minimal. This
demonstration will cover various aspects of the spoke shave for paring leather. A
standard/commercial spoke shave (available from local hardware stores) will be
modified, the blade will be shaped and resharpened to achieve the best results. Other
related items will also be discussed.


00-680 Sat & Sun, Sept 23, 24, 10:00 - 4:00 P
Tuition: $130/$175 (2 days)
This two-day workshop will allow each participant to make a drop-spine box. The spine
will be rounded and can have raised bands. The spine will be covered with leather and
the sides will be covered with paper or cloth. If time permits, a title will be gold
stamped on the spine and blind-tooled lines will be added. Supply Fee $25

                       ~ ~ ~  PRESENTER BIOGRAPHY  ~ ~ ~

Mr. Minter is one of the few people fortunate to have been apprenticed to the late
William "Bill" Anthony, fine bookbinder and book conservator. This apprenticeship
followed the tradition of seven years' working with a master binder.

In 1978 Bill opened his own shop in Chicago where a wide variety of books and related
materials were treated for libraries, museums, book dealers, graphic designers, and
private individuals. In 1994, Bill moved to rural South Central Pennsylvania where he
continues to work from a renovated 1893 barn. Besides treating books of all types,
Bill has also developed tools and related items that are used in the preservation of
books and paper.

For additional information about class and workshop offerings at the Craft Guild of
Dallas please see:
<a href="http://www.craftguildofdallas.com/index.htm"">Click</a>

Look forward to seeing you there. --Dave.

David J. Lawrence
Dallas, Texas
BIBLIOPEGY (bib li op' e gi). n. [< Gk. biblio- (book) + pegia < pegnynai (to fasten,
bind)] the art of bookbinding (c. 1859); -bib.li.o.pe.gic adj.; -bib.li.op.e.gist n.

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