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cyan, magenta, yellow layers in photoshop?

Hello list members,

i am making a booklet with pages produced in various ways - started out
by  cutting out letters from erasers and making some prints with these
with a cyan, yellow and magenta inkpads.  was just having fun mixing
those colors, printing the letters all sorts of ways, layering the

now i want to do the same thing with a b&w photo in photoshop  -   same
colors, each on its own layer.  feel very stupid & can't figure out how
to do it!  "monotone" seems to make the whole image monotone - not just
the one layer.  cutting out of the black channell & pasting into a spot
channell makes my layer empty.  is some other program better for this?
tried quark but couldn't figure out how to layer the images

any help is much appreciated.

siri huntoon

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