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Hi Alice, and everyone else...

Sorry so slow in responding, but things have been nutty!

At 07:06 PM 9/13/2000 -0400, Alice Simpson wrote:
>I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your bookwork,
>Letter to an Imaginary Friend on line.
>The book format is delightful.

Well, firstly, thank you so much for your comments, Alice, and thank you,
too, for sharing those nice thoughts with the list! I'm flattered!

I don't know what else to add to that, but I would like to comment on the
other URL I'd posted last week, not for the "Letter" site you've commented
on here, but the other one, the "imaginarie" one (URL in my sig, below).

In posting that announcement, I confess to wishing and hoping for some
feedback. And kudos are always nice, of course, but what I would *really*
like are criticisms! Tell me what I did wrong! Unfortunately, comments of
any sort have been, well, practically non-existent. :/

However, one person (from another list) mentioned something in particular
that I wouldn't mind asking about. They said that they found the red in the
decorative initials and illustrations "too red", that is, too bright a red.
My recollection of old books with red initials, etc. was that the red was a
bright, bright red like that, but that's just it -- I was going from
recollection when I did that, and I don't have any books with pictures or
anything from where I could see (all the pictures I have of "red" initials,
etc. are all in black & white!). :/

Any comments on that (from anyone who's viewed the PDF)? It would be nice
to get that "right" -- as well as anything else that I did "wrong"! I
suppose it was the more critical comments such as that which I was hoping
to get, more than kudos or anything (although those are nice, too!<g>)
because I did try hard to "follow all the rules" -- including all those
that used to be broken -- in putting together this "imaginarie incunabulum".

>Once you convince your artist friend to create original erotic
>illustrations it should be even more exciting.

Well, don't hold your breath, because I know she's quite busy with other
things right now, but who knows??? Time will tell on that one.

> From your guestbook, it looks as though
>there are many women who would like to meet you!

Hee hee... well, the only important thing to me is that there's just *one*
woman who wants to be with me (and no, not the woman I originally wrote
those letters to that became that site -- just the one I should have!). ;)

Thanks again, Alice -- and thanks in advance, too, to anyone else who might
have a few moments to comment, for good or for bad (and preferably for bad,
as that's what's always more helpful in figuring out what I did wrong!), too.

Ron :)

Read not the Times. Read the Eternities. -- Henry David Thoreau

Ye imaginarie olde Eternitie, now available at Psymon...
...and ye FREE! Eternities foretolde in ye cardes...

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