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Re: unsubscribing

A few things in response. While I appreciate the concern people have about
their mailboxes filling up, there is little I can do. Digests are the same
file size as all the messages individually, but they do allow you to scan
the subjects and decide what to do at a glance. Another option is to set
yourself to nomail, and then scan the postings in the archive. That way you
would also have the option to post.

As for problems, 99.9% of the time it is the subscribers "fault" that
commands don't go through, usually related to improper syntax, especially
in the spelling of the listname. That's what the FAQ is for. I will try to
help when I can, but if I don't know about it, I can't do a thing. Look in
the FAQ first, make sure you send the right command to the right address...
Remember, you're dealing with a machine. It has to be exact, just like the
old dos, or unix, command line interface. I realize that most might not
remember, but that's how listserve works. The URL for the FAQ is in the
header and footer of every message...

As for the "subscription probe," renewal thing, last I checked (recently)
our listserv server isn't configured for it. I guess everyone will still
have to take personal responsibilty. Sigh.

Listmgr - Book_Arts-L

>I didn't read Mark's problems, I usually delete everything I can find from
>the Listserv Book Arts stuff.  Unfortunately, I have tried on 3 different
>occasions to either unsubscribe or change to the monthly thing.  My mail gets
>returned every time.  I do not have the time to keep deleting all the mail I
>get in my mailbox as my novel is due out the end of this month.  But, if I
>don't my mailbox gets full and I cannot even hear from friends or relatives.
>Sure the directions are all there on that page as you said.  They just don't
>Karen Beck
>When Nightmares Collide


>I wholeheartedly agree with Peter.  Put us on an interval resubscribing
>method.  No need to OPT OUT then.
>Karen Beck
>When Nightmares Collide

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