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Re: cyan, magenta, yellow layers in photoshop?

You almost arrived at one solution in PS: try quadtones (having first saved
the greyscale image as RGB), and finally save as EPS.

At 10:44 AM -0600 9/16/0, Siri Huntoon wrote:
>Hello list members,
>i am making a booklet with pages produced in various ways - started out
>by  cutting out letters from erasers and making some prints with these
>with a cyan, yellow and magenta inkpads.  was just having fun mixing
>those colors, printing the letters all sorts of ways, layering the
>now i want to do the same thing with a b&w photo in photoshop  -   same
>colors, each on its own layer.  feel very stupid & can't figure out how
>to do it!  "monotone" seems to make the whole image monotone - not just
>the one layer.  cutting out of the black channell & pasting into a spot
>channell makes my layer empty.  is some other program better for this?
>tried quark but couldn't figure out how to layer the images
>any help is much appreciated.

brad brace <bbrace@wired.com>
prepress specialist
wired magazine, sfo

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